Charles Kalpakian

Charles Kalpakian was born in Beirut (Lebanon) in 1982.

In 2011, after collaborating with prestigious agencies including the Ora Ito and Christophe Pillet, he became a freelance designer and develops his own projects.

His style? He draws it from his roots. France, Lebanon and the street art culture. These influences take shape for the reinterpretation of motifs from the decorative arts inherited from the history and geography of Lebanon, passed to the filter of an urban and contemporary culture.
He is interested in the braiding of materials.
In his line of sight; felt, carbon, wool and leather. The line is always clear, even if the gesture is sometimes akin to writing calligraphy.
Furniture, product design, tableware, staging, the territories are as rich as his creation with oriental influences mingling with western culture imprint of modernity.

In September 2011, as part of the Paris Design Week, he presents to “Docks en Seine” the prototype of a wall cabinet. Thereafter, he drew several pieces for the BSL gallery under the name “Cinétismes” then LaChance house publishes his buffet Rocky. Since then,he works with companies such as DCW, Habitat, Haymann Edition, Nemo lighting, Galerie BSL, Perrouin,Galerie Achdjian, Paris Se Quema and Creaktif.