Dar en Art

Dar en Art: Global Design


Dar en Art, Eastern-inspired contemporary furniture

Dar en Art is a trade-mark of contemporary furniture and distinctive decorative design accessories. These collections, manufactured in France and in Europe, are rich in original new items with oriental and contemporary influences.
Produced in limited series, Dar en Art provides complete solutions for individuals and professionals: sofas, armchairs, tables, light fixtures, and decorative items.
Inspired by Eastern design, the designers who collaborate with Dar en Art are uniquely motivated to provide original and timeless pieces.

Dar en Art, a story of encounters

Inspired by the ever-evolving, and yet timeless allure of Eastern design, Karim Hamdi created Dar en Art in the spring of 2006 as a bridge between Eastern and Western design.
Meeting a wide range of designers during various design events and exhibitions in France and abroad, Hamdi has been further inspired to share his unique perspective on Eastern-inspired design.
Since forming Dar en Art company, these designers developed and expressed their visions of East in constant movement through contemporary art.
Recognized for the unique quality and originality of their collection, Dar en Art is a recognized trade-mark. Many products are now available in art galleries, and collaborations have been proposed with leading designers, such as Conran Contracts.

Dar en Art, a window on the East

Dar en Art remains at your disposal through its “custom projects” department consisting of designers and interior designers specializing in the construction of places of living and working spaces.
Dar en Art also carefully selects providers that can adapt to small series or major accomplishments.